Meet Rupal Chaudhari

Rupal Chaudhari was not interested in politics until politics took an interest in her. On Jan. 25th, 2021, she and her husband Sanjay learned abruptly from a local newspaper about the City of Austin’s plans to purchase for $9.5 million a hotel in the same parking lot as their hotels for use as a homeless shelter.

The shelter would house a mere 50 residents, and is located near schools and businesses but far away from any necessary social services. In an effort to increase responsiveness and transparency in local government for residents, they began the Stop Candlewood movement dedicated to fighting for better options for Austin’s unhoused population.

Rupal holds a degree in Accounting and Economics, she also has a degree from Company Secretaries of India and a Master’s degree from St. Mary’s Law School. Making productive use of all three degrees, she is a licensed attorney specializing in immigration and manages the finances for the family’s business holdings including hotels and an electronics component distribution business.

A U.S. resident since 2007 and a citizen since 2010, she and her husband live near Volente where they raise 8-year-old twins Aaditya, their son, and Amairah, their daughter.